The Biggest Rivalry in Sports.

I have always thought about what is the biggest rivalry in sports.  Red Sox vs. Yankees,  Blackhawks vs. The Red Wings, Packers vs. Bears or Celtics vs. Lakers. I personally think Red Sox vs. Yankees is the biggest because it started when Babe Ruth was traded to the Yankees which was in 1918.  As a Red Sox fan I love those 8 o’clock games on ESPN.I have always wanted to see a Red Sox Yankees game at Fenway Park. Some day I hope I will go to a game.

What do you think the biggest rivalry is?


11 responses to “The Biggest Rivalry in Sports.

  1. Is it possible to like both the Red Sox and the Yankees? I had an epiphany recently that I might enjoy watching their games more if I could be happy for both teams’ players doing well.

  2. Irene Tortolini

    I agree with you…I think the Red Sox/Yankee rivalry is the biggest. I’m not originally from Boston, but I knew about the rivalry in my hometown of Philadelphia.

  3. I think one’s view of the “biggest rivalry” my depend upon where a person lives. Congratulations on beginning to blog. I’ll enjoy reading your material.

  4. 2G (or is it C),

    I agree that the Sox/Yankees rivalry is the biggest in pro sports.

    I went to a school in Philadelphia that claims to have the oldest schoolboy rivalry in the nation. The annual football game between Penn Charter (my alma mater) and Germantown Academy started in 1887.

    Good luck with your blog.

    Larry OPC ’88

  5. I think the biggest rivalry is between you and Pat!!!

  6. How about Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson?

  7. I agree that the Sox / Yankees is the biggest. My husband, who attended Duke, would argue that the Duke / UNC rivalry is bigger.

    @demetri — Only non-New Englanders and non-New Yorkers might think it possible to cheer for both.

    Keep up the sports blog, great work!

  8. I agree Red Sox v.s. Yankees is the biggest rivalry in sports. It’s really amazing. <(")

    See ya

  9. I’ve heard some of the college football and basketball rivalries (Ohio State vs. Michigan, Duke & UNC) are just as big as even Yankees vs. Red Sox

  10. I agree that the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry has to be the biggest, at least in baseball. I live in Philadelphia and my brother wants to get the family together (I grew up in NY, so they are Yankee fans) for a Red Sox/Phillies game so we can root for the same team!

    Here in Philly, we also have a huge rivalry between the Eagles and the Cowboys.

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