Tips For Blogging

This blog might be a little off topic but it is okay with me. This blog I’m going to give you a few tips about blogging.

1.  Blog about what you like, like me, I blog about sports.

2. Never write when you are mad or angry it might ruin your image as a writer.

3. Try to have a question in your posts because then you might have a better shot at more comments.


10 responses to “Tips For Blogging

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  2. Great advice for all bloggers. I’m going to share these tips with my students. Thanks!

  3. Irene Tortolini

    Great advice! I will definitely take those tips into account with my next blog. Are you going to be a teacher? (Sounds like you already are).

  4. And the question is?? I agree about writing about things you like or are interested in doing. What are your interest besides sports?
    (my question)

    Fort Gratiot, MI

  5. Excellent insights! Keep blogging and sharing your great ideas. You obviously have lots to say. I am going to share this with the kids I teach about blogging!

  6. Thank you for a post with great tips, I will share this with my students.

    What should the question be about?

  7. Great tips! I will also share them with my students. Greetings from Florida/USA

  8. Nice tips. I write my blog to be like a journal so I can keep track of what I am thinking about from time to time. Being busy like you, it is hard to keep track of all that is in our head.

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