Game 7!!!!!!

Tonight is game seven of what some people say is the biggest rivalry in sports. Tonight is going to be the best game of the entire season.  The Celtics have won 11 out of 11 championship series when they have lead in the series 3-2. Although the home team has won 13-16 of game sevens. So we will find out who will win in about 13 hours. Right now all I want is to wake up tomorrow and know that Boston has conquered another championship and not the Lakers. So who do you think will win the championship?


3 responses to “Game 7!!!!!!

  1. Hey Ben,

    Let’s hope the Celtics win another. That will be 7 Boston titles in your life time! I think you are good luck charm!

  2. Hi Ben – Congrats on the home run! In regards to tonight’s game, I am hoping that the Celtics will pull it off. I think they are a better team depth-wise.

    It is interesting to me that the team that has won the rebounding battle has won each game. If the Celtics can do that tonight it will allow Rondo to get the ball and run which would lead to a good outcome.

    I can’t wait to see what happens! Enjoy!

  3. Ben, The Celtlics are literally my life. They are so awesome. I haven’t missed about one game. My favorite player is Rondo. Who is yours??????????????

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