Summer All Star Baseball

Over the summer I played on the Stratham 10 year old all star team. The year before this one we won only one game all year so this year we wanted to win more games.  About a week before we really started to play our games we
scrimmaged a team and won 14-1.  Then the season began in a warm up tournament to Districts. We didn’t do very good, we only won a game in that tournament. Knowing the district tournament was right around the corner we wanted to pull some upsets with the main upset being beating Dover.

They were the team to beat at the time and we had to play them first. Dover had beat us the week prior due to the mercy rule. To beat them would be a huge upset. The game came we were surprised to be tied 2-2 in the third.  From that point on we thought we could win the game. The game went on scoreless until we hit extra innings when dover scored a run to make it 3-2. We never came back to tie it up. We lost 3-2 in the opener.

The next game against  Oyster River was not much different than the Dover game except we won in extra inning, 8-7. Next the next game was against the team we had beat 14-1. This time we won 8-1.

Next, was against Seacoast which we won 6-1 to go to the semi-finals against Barrington. We were down two runs in the sixth inning when I was up and it was a full count with the bases loaded and two outs.  It was truly do or die.Get out and it’s over.  Get a hit and we may tie or win the ball game.  I got the hit that very next pitch. Two runs scored to make it 5-5.

In the 8th inning our lead off batter hit the ball down the right field line.  The right fieder dove and missed.  By the time our hitter was on his way to third the right fielder was getting up to get the ball.  His throw home was late, we won 6-5!  The next game is the finals.

These games were huge because no team from Stratham has ever won a district title.  Since we lost already in the tournament and Dover hadn’t we had to beat them twice.

Now to the games.   In game 1 the score was 6-4.  The second one was a whole different story.  Game 2 was like home run derby with out a home run. The first inning we scored 1 but Dover put 2 on the board to make it 2-1. We rallied with seven hits and 11 runs to make it 12-2 in the second inning. In the top of the third we rallied for five more runs.  Even though Dover added 5 runs to the mix, we came right back with four more to top that inning.

In the bottom of the fourth Dover had people on first and third with two outs and us on top 21-10.   With the count at 1-2… STRIKE 3!  Because we were up by more than 10 after 4 innings, the game was over and we won the district 7 championship!


2 responses to “Summer All Star Baseball

  1. Hey Ben–I’m so happy to see you blogging again. When I was checking my RSS feeds the other day, this post showed up. It sounds like you had a great summer of baseball. I hope you get a chance to get into your old 4G Kidblog and welcome my new 4G students to blogging. Feel free to give them pointers and tips. I’ll be introducing it to them next Monday, so if you could do something before then that would be great. I hope you’ll also check it once in a while and leave some comments. You know how kids like to get comments. 😉

  2. That is so cool how you made it to the all stars.
    Was Dover hard to beat?
    Did you get a home run if you did ,did you feel good or not?

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