Will They Make It?

Last night the Uconn women’s basketball team tried to advance their winning streak to 80. 78 of Uconns 80 straight wins have been by double digits. Last nights game over Baylor was decided by a single point. Two of UConn’s key players to defend Baylor’s best player, Brittney Griner fouled out. But somehow they still won. UConn needs to win 8 straight games to tie the record held by the UCLA Bruins in the 1970’s. If Uconn will break the record of 88 games they will need to beat, Georgia Tech, Howard, South Florida, Sacred Heart, Marquette, Florida State, Pasific , and Stanford. Do you think the Uconn women’s basketball team will tie the record or break the record?


6 responses to “Will They Make It?

  1. No idea, but you sure seem to know your basketball stats. That sounds like a lot of great teams they need to beat to hit that record. I’m guessing they’ll get close to tying the record.

    What do you enjoy most about basketball? I played on a team when I was in 4th grade, but I was terrible at it. The only score I ever made was in the other team’s basket!

  2. Larry Fliegelman

    Welcome back. Lots of good sports news over the last few weeks. Are you going to keep blogging all the time?

  3. So. I can honestly say that this is the best blog I’ve ever seen/read from an elementary school student. It far surpasses many blogs written by adults as well.

    To be honest, I can’t really give you my opinion whether the UConn woman’s basketball team will tie or break the record but you’ve given me enough schema to want to find out what happens. And that says a lot for the none sports fan that I am.

    You write with great voice. Your blog was so well written that it could totally be published in a professional newspaper or magazine. Keep on writing. I will definitely use your blog as a mentor text in my classroom.

  4. Nice Ben thats awesome about uconn

    hayden from hockey

  5. It’s good to see you blogging again. I’m using you as an example for one of my current students who loves to write about sports. Keep it up. As for your question, the answer is “They will break the record.” They’ve come too far to lose at this point.

  6. I was right! Good thing they didn’t meet Stanford earlier.

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