My Favorite Photos of 2010 (#4)

In this picture I am (white) fighting on the boards for the puck. The reason I like it so much is because all the snow at our feet from stopping. In the photo it also shows that squirt hockey can still be physical even though you can’t check. This photo was probably taken late in the third period looking at how chopped up the ice is. Even though the picture is nice that doesn’t mean the game was close.  Unfortunately, we lost 7-1.


5 responses to “My Favorite Photos of 2010 (#4)

  1. Nina Baillargeon

    Great picture! The snow flying up around your skates gives me the feeling you were moving pretty fast before putting on the brakes!

  2. It’s a cool picture. I find myself trying to figure out whether you got the puck past the defenseman or not. (That’s my guess as to what is going on.) If I’m right he’s doing a good job by staying with your body. Did you get by him? Great action shot!

  3. I can relate to your hockey game. Once I lost a soccer game and the score was 10-5. Hockey must feel like soccer in that it is a very physical game. I run all over the field and try to get to the ball first. Great picture, I like the action shot.

  4. I think that photo Ben, is really cool. Hockey sounds really fun. Reading your blog makes me want to try it. Sorry you lost the game.

  5. My freind plays hocky too. What is sqirts hockey? Did you have fun in the game? Well I bet you did. So good luck in your other games.

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