My Five Favorite Sports Pictures Of 2010 (#5)

This picture is of one of the many baseball fields I played on this summer. The picture was probably taken at 8:30 or so at night. The reason I like it so much is because all you can see is the field and the players on it. With the lights shining at the field it almost seems that the field is the only thing there. That field became very comfortable for my team, we only lost once on the way to winning the district championship.


5 responses to “My Five Favorite Sports Pictures Of 2010 (#5)

  1. Great photo! I like the way the lights seem to be coming toward the viewer.

  2. Kim Houghtaling

    Love the summer picture that you selected! You and your team had a busy one and congratualtions…..wicked late! I hope that your school year is going well and I have enjoyed reading your blogs. The Nascar one was interesting. Check out the races they do with the macked out trucks. I watched a Monster race the other day and was shocked. My nephew outside of Chicago does similar extreme racing on a dirt bike.

  3. What a great photo! I look forward to seeing your other favorite photos! I really like your description of the field “almost seems that the field is the only thing there” and “That field became very comfortable.” Both phrases/sentences are very unique. I haven’t heard of a picture or a field described like that before. Your description helped me understand your thoughts about the field and the picture. Congratulations on winning the district championship! That will me a memory you will hold on forever! Will you play again next season?

    Keep blogging!

    Kathy Perret
    Instructional Coach
    Sioux City, Iowa

  4. What a great idea, Ben! 😉 I love the photo, and I love the idea of using photography in your blog. I’ve noticed this school year that I really enjoy reading blog posts that have photos with them. I trying to do the same thing with my blog. Keep it up!

  5. Ben,
    Do you remember me from your football team, I was number 18. Any way, great blog! I LOVE the lights in the back round, its a great touch.

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