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Quarterbacks in the Draft

It always seems that in the NFL draft the best QB’s from the college football year end up going late in the draft.  For example last year Tim Tebow  possibly the best college quarterback  all time went late in the first round.  What gets me mad is when they do the mock drafts on ESPN. Last year ESPN draft expert, Todd McShay said that Tim Tebow would not be a starter in the NFL for at least 2 years. Tebow proved him wrong by taking over the starting position  in week 15’s match up against the Oakland Raiders.

This year in the draft their saying that Cam Newton is a risk to draft.  That is one of the other things they said about Tim Tebow. Will Cam Newton have the same outcome that Tim Tebow had?


75th NFL Draft

Last night’s draft was very weird. The thing that was weird was how early Tim Tebow got picked. All of the ESPN football analysts said that it would be better if Tim Tebow was a back up for Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. The Patriots, my favorite team had a weird pick also. They picked a defensive back which made no sense because they already have really good defensive backs. The thing I didn’t get is that they really need to get a better run defense. Pass defense they are really good but not the run defense.

What would you rank the Broncos’ pick of Tim Tebow (A,B,C,D,F)?  A is the best and F is the worst.

How Gatorade Was Made

I bet not a lot of people know why they made Gatorade.  I know, about 40 years ago the Florida Gators were suffering on dehydration.  So scientists made a drink that would give players electro lights.  I learned all this from a friend.  Now it is the biggest sports drink. Do you think Gatorade has helped players from places like Florida.