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My Favorite Photos of 2010 (#4)

In this picture I am (white) fighting on the boards for the puck. The reason I like it so much is because all the snow at our feet from stopping. In the photo it also shows that squirt hockey can still be physical even though you can’t check. This photo was probably taken late in the third period looking at how chopped up the ice is. Even though the picture is nice that doesn’t mean the game was close.  Unfortunately, we lost 7-1.


20th Blog

My next blog is my 20th so I want you the readers of this blog to tell me what I should write about related to sports. Out of these three options.

One person who should be a hall a famer?

1986 World Series:  Bill Buckner’s biggest error .

2010 Gold medal men’s hockey game.

Please comment and tell me what you want me to write about.

P.S. Thank You for all your comments.

Winter Classic

This year’s Winter Classic was at Fenway Park. The game was played by the Bruins and the Flyers. The Winter Classic started In 2007 when the penguins squared off against the Buffalo Sabers at the Buffalo Bills home field. 2 out of the 3 games have gone into overtime and 1 into shootout. The classic at Fenway also included 3 other games. Two college games and a celebrity game. It was really cool to see a hockey player with eye black. I think the Capitals playing the Penquins in D.C. for the Winter Classic.Who do think will be playing in next years Winter Classic.

The Greatest

Every sport has its best for hockey it is Wayne Gretzky, for Baseball it is Babe Ruth,for basketball it’s Michel Jordan, and for football it is Joe Montana.  Many of these players have been known for one thing. That thing is being the best at there sport.

Wayne Gretzky was remembered as a Oiler and a King not a Ranger or Blue nor was he known for college hockey star.  He is known for the best of the National Hockey League.

Who do think of when you think basketball Magic Johnson , Larry Bird , or Michel Jordan. even as a Celtics fan I still think of the the best Michel Jordan. Michel in my mind will always a Bull in my mind and the leader of the Dream Team.

When I think of Babe Ruth I think of him as a Red Sox not a Yankee. Babe is the one who hit 715 home runs and the person who started the biggest curse. That curse would lead up to 86 years of not one championship. The closest the Sox ever got was in 1986 vs. the Mets.

Joe Montana four Super Bowl rings and three Super Bowl MVP’s there is only one man close to that and it is Tom Brady.