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Red Sox vs. Yankees

In yesterday’s game between the Yankees and the Red Sox C.C. Sabathia hit Dustin Pedrioa with a 98 MPH fastball to the leg. If you are a Yankees fan you are probably thinking that is payback for Josh Beckett  hitting Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano the night before.  But is isn’t deliberate if he threw a 80 MPH curveball as Beckett did, that was just bad control.

David Ortiz only has 13 hits this season. Mike lowell has more hits than him and Ortiz has played 5 more games than Lowell. I think that David Ortiz only has a few more weeks at the most in a Boston uniform. How long do you think Ortiz has left in Boston?


Fenway Park

You might know that Fenway Park is one of the oldest and most historic baseball parks in the world. It was made in 1912 when Babe Ruth was still playing with the Red Sox.  Many things have happened there like when Ted williams hit a record 521 foot home run.   The seat he hit was half way up the bleachers and it is now painted red in honor of that home run.  Fenway Park has hosted 11 world series and many more events.  This year it even hosted a National Hockey League game on New Year’s Day!

Red Sox vs. Yankees

This year Opening Day Game is the Red Sox playing the Yankees.  There is no better way to start the baseball season than by starting it with the biggest rivalry in sports according to your thoughts from a earlier post. This year the rivalry will get even better with the addition of John Lackey and Mike Cameron to the Red Sox. If you are wondering when this game is it is this Sunday on Easter 8 o’clock ET. Do you think this game will be the game of the year?

The Greatest

Every sport has its best for hockey it is Wayne Gretzky, for Baseball it is Babe Ruth,for basketball it’s Michel Jordan, and for football it is Joe Montana.  Many of these players have been known for one thing. That thing is being the best at there sport.

Wayne Gretzky was remembered as a Oiler and a King not a Ranger or Blue nor was he known for college hockey star.  He is known for the best of the National Hockey League.

Who do think of when you think basketball Magic Johnson , Larry Bird , or Michel Jordan. even as a Celtics fan I still think of the the best Michel Jordan. Michel in my mind will always a Bull in my mind and the leader of the Dream Team.

When I think of Babe Ruth I think of him as a Red Sox not a Yankee. Babe is the one who hit 715 home runs and the person who started the biggest curse. That curse would lead up to 86 years of not one championship. The closest the Sox ever got was in 1986 vs. the Mets.

Joe Montana four Super Bowl rings and three Super Bowl MVP’s there is only one man close to that and it is Tom Brady.

The Biggest Rivalry in Sports.

I have always thought about what is the biggest rivalry in sports.  Red Sox vs. Yankees,  Blackhawks vs. The Red Wings, Packers vs. Bears or Celtics vs. Lakers. I personally think Red Sox vs. Yankees is the biggest because it started when Babe Ruth was traded to the Yankees which was in 1918.  As a Red Sox fan I love those 8 o’clock games on ESPN.I have always wanted to see a Red Sox Yankees game at Fenway Park. Some day I hope I will go to a game.

What do you think the biggest rivalry is?