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Quarterbacks in the Draft

It always seems that in the NFL draft the best QB’s from the college football year end up going late in the draft.  For example last year Tim Tebow  possibly the best college quarterback  all time went late in the first round.  What gets me mad is when they do the mock drafts on ESPN. Last year ESPN draft expert, Todd McShay said that Tim Tebow would not be a starter in the NFL for at least 2 years. Tebow proved him wrong by taking over the starting position  in week 15’s match up against the Oakland Raiders.

This year in the draft their saying that Cam Newton is a risk to draft.  That is one of the other things they said about Tim Tebow. Will Cam Newton have the same outcome that Tim Tebow had?


No more game 7

It seems like when ever there is a game 7 with a Boston sport they lose. So all the celtics need to do next year is don’t play in a game 7. As well for the Red Sox and Bruins. Although the red sox are so good when they get to the world series it won’t even matter. Boston has been hammered when it comes to the game 7. Hopefully this winter sport teams are just not lucky. Hey atleast the Red Sox suffered like the C’s and Bruins. Will a Boston team Diliver this year?Do you think a Boston team will win this year if yes what team?

Too Much Danger or Not

As you probably already know Nascar racing has been violent at times. From cars going 200 mph, even if you hit the littlest thing your car could can lose control. Really this sport is very dangerous with the way it is now. We have seen fires and cars crashes all these years and nobody has made it safer. To tell you the truth I don’t know much about Nascar racing and so I’m asking you to comment about how could they make Nascar racing safer.

Rajon Rondo

In Sunday’s game between the Celtics and Cavaliers Rajon Rondo played the best game I have ever seen him play. He had 29 points, 12 Assist , and 13 rebounds. He was so good that Lebron James this year’s MVP asked the Cavs coach if he needed him to guard Rondo in Tuesday’s game. There was one stand out play in that game when Rondo went up for the layup and then did a behind the back pass to Tony Allen for the dunk. I think that if Rondo keeps up this style of play the Celtics will beat the Cavs and win the Championship. How far do you think the Celtics will go in the playoffs after that game?

Red Sox vs. Yankees

In yesterday’s game between the Yankees and the Red Sox C.C. Sabathia hit Dustin Pedrioa with a 98 MPH fastball to the leg. If you are a Yankees fan you are probably thinking that is payback for Josh Beckett  hitting Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano the night before.  But is isn’t deliberate if he threw a 80 MPH curveball as Beckett did, that was just bad control.

David Ortiz only has 13 hits this season. Mike lowell has more hits than him and Ortiz has played 5 more games than Lowell. I think that David Ortiz only has a few more weeks at the most in a Boston uniform. How long do you think Ortiz has left in Boston?

Who Should be a Hall of Famer?

After a few days of voting the winner is Who Should be a Hall A Famer.

I think that when Tom Brady retires he will be a Hall A Famer because he has three Super Bowl rings and two Super Bowl MVP’s. Also Peyton Manning should be one of those people like Brady to be inducted because of his three MVP awards and one Super Bowl ring. Do you think Kurt Warner should be a Hall of Famer? I think he could be a hall of famer with one super bowl ring and two MVP’s.

Tips For Blogging

This blog might be a little off topic but it is okay with me. This blog I’m going to give you a few tips about blogging.

1.  Blog about what you like, like me, I blog about sports.

2. Never write when you are mad or angry it might ruin your image as a writer.

3. Try to have a question in your posts because then you might have a better shot at more comments.