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My Favorite photos of 2010(#3)

This photo was taken in the bottom of the eighth inning (extra innings) of the district championship semifinals.  The score before this was 5-5. In this photo, Ben (#2) just hit the game winning, inside the park home run.


My Favorite Photos of 2010 (#4)

In this picture I am (white) fighting on the boards for the puck. The reason I like it so much is because all the snow at our feet from stopping. In the photo it also shows that squirt hockey can still be physical even though you can’t check. This photo was probably taken late in the third period looking at how chopped up the ice is. Even though the picture is nice that doesn’t mean the game was close.  Unfortunately, we lost 7-1.

My Five Favorite Sports Pictures Of 2010 (#5)

This picture is of one of the many baseball fields I played on this summer. The picture was probably taken at 8:30 or so at night. The reason I like it so much is because all you can see is the field and the players on it. With the lights shining at the field it almost seems that the field is the only thing there. That field became very comfortable for my team, we only lost once on the way to winning the district championship.